Tasty Jams, Vol 1

by cgregori on July 31, 2014


Tasty Jams, vol. 1

This CD-R was for sale in a limited edition of two last weekend at our Hi-Dive show. We sold one! Now it is free for your listening pleasure. Covers, jams, originals, rehearsals, live stuff, improvs, etc. The good stuff! All recorded on a state-of-the-art iPhone.

1. Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover)
2. Clean Tramp (rehearsal)
3. Flip Flop (rehearsal improv)
4. Trains Across The Sea (Silver Jews cover)
5. Cosmic Ray (rehearsal improv)
6. Twisted Sister Carrie (the hi-dive, july 22, 2014)
7. Waiting For The Man (VU cover, the hi-dive, july 22, 2014)
8. The Complete Blue (rehearsal improv)

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